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I have an application written in Oracle Apex 4.2
Different users have access to different pages. Apex's built in Access Control function ( ADMIN, EDIT, VIEW) takes care of what pages different users can see.
A separate requirement though is that some users can see certain pages and not edit them and other users can edit those pages.
I know that at the item level there is a Read Only option. I can hard code a user name ie

:APP_USER like 'Betty Boop%'

How can I set an item to be read only based on the Access Control group that a user belongs to (ADMIN,EDIT,VIEW)

I know that there is a utility: APEX_UTIL.CURRENT_USER_IN_GROUP

but if I do something like READ ONLY PL/SQL Expression


It doesn't do anything.
It seems that APEX_UTIL.CURRENT_USER_IN_GROUP doesn't know that the groups created by Apex Access control are groups - I need to code something? Create a function? Create a group table?

I'm not understanding how to do this


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these ADMIN/EDIT/VIEW are user groups defined in the user administration part of apex? In uppercase? You assigned the user(s) to these groups? –  Tom Jun 3 '13 at 19:44

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To use APEX_UTIL.CURRENT_USER_IN_GROUP you need to create user group(s) as an workspace administrator first: Administration->Manage Users and Groups->Groups->Create User Group. Then you need to assign the group(s) to your application users: Groups->User Group Assigments. You should read documentation for more details.

And, after that you will be able to check an assignment of particular group to current application user with the APEX_UTIL.CURRENT_USER_IN_GROUP function.

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