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I want asking about installing driver php postgresql-9.1

I got error message :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_connect() in /home/adminku/public_html/index.php on line 2

When I googling and trying to installing the driver with using easyapache, the problem installing driver show that the directory is no found,

I change the directory data postgresql to another path, because issue partition from my webmaster, but he can't setting about postgresql

and I found article

it show i can make costum directory :

EasyApache searches the following locations for the psql binary:
It then runs psql --version to determine the PostgreSQL version on your system.
EasyApache searches the following locations for the pg_config binary:
If the binary is not found, this module will be skipped.
If you enable this option, --with-pgsql=directory will be added to PHP's configuration options. 
  1. have anyone try use this module with costum directory?
  2. in my php.ini the extension using dll not so like usual centOS i knowed. my bos said, it's default from cpanel, but when i try to search php_pgsql.dll with locate, i can't found it, is it because that dll not found? or because my directory engine change?
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You need to compile apache with postgreSQL support with easyapache, it will solve your issue.

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