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I have a simple schema of blog with embedded comments, which is modeled in mongoose

var BlogSchema = mongoose.Schema({

var Comment = mongoose.Schema({
    name  :  { type: String }
  , img   :  { type:String }
  , date  :  { type: Date, default: Date.now }
  , text  :  String 

var BlogModel = mongoose.model('Blog',BlogSchema);

function addComment(bid,name,img,text,callback){

    var options = { new: false };       
        if(err) {
            console.log('add addComment'.red,err);
            callback(err, null);
            console.log('add addComment  '.green+ref);                

When I post a comment on the blog, the comments array in the blog did append the new comment with name,img and text attribute. But the problem is the date and _id are missing for some reason. With the _id on each comment, it is possible to re-edit or delete this comment, so _id is very necessary.

I don't know why date is gone, because in the schema design, date is default to new Date, and also _id should not be missed out that I don't force the _id entry to be ignored like this way - mongoose.Schema({ _id:false});

Now the results for me are wired, can some body look what is the problem?

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Any of the update calls (e.g. findOneAndUpdate) bypass all the Mongoose functionality beyond casting, like defaults and adding the _id field to new elements. You'd have to use a save style change for those to be triggered.

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Thanks, Johnny, now I get it –  user824624 Jun 4 '13 at 19:00
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