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I'm not a VB6 developer so excuse me if I'm not making any sense.

If I have a VARIANT array of bytes containing an RGB array of image data, is it possible to get that data to be displayed in a PictureBox? The PictureBox documentation suggests that the only acceptable sources are files.

Additionally, the image size and other image information is known.

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The PictureBox documentation lies. But unfortunately, it’s not pretty to create an IPictureDisp in memory. The following link may help you – unfortunately, it’s in German:

How to create a picture from data in memory

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Google Translate did a pretty decent job of translating the article actually... – Soo Wei Tan Nov 9 '09 at 17:04

There may be a better (i.e. faster) method, but you should look in to the PSet method of a picture box control.

PSet method of picture box control

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