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I have a ASP:Menü in vertical style.

The MainItem is only 1 Button, deisgned by a Image (no text, pure image).

The ChildItems are normal Text.

Here is a very high zoomed screenshot: http://s2.imgimg.de/uploads/UnbenanntesBild661673a8png.png

Now, beacuse of the image, the childItems look very... strange, because the ChilItems begin, where the button is not there (very hard to explain, sorry). I want to have the child menü begins at the pixel the button beginns after the white seperator in the image.

So, I want to move the whole childItems 2-4px to the right, how I can do this?

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That would be the metal-themed menu, no? –  Dour High Arch Nov 6 '09 at 23:35
Please? Sry don't understand. –  Kovu Nov 7 '09 at 1:55

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You need to add a left rule to the style of the sub-item, similar to the following:

    left: 1px;

You will need to figure out the exact spacing for yourself, as you have not included the actually styling for me to test with.

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