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The goal: running a Rails application on Mongrels, allowing access through Apache after doing basic HTTP Authentication

The problem: reading the supplied username from within Rails


<Proxy balancer://mongrel_cluster>
	# ...

	Order deny,allow
	Deny from all

	AuthType Basic
	AuthName "<realm>"
	AuthUserFile "<users-file>"
	AuthGroupFile "<groups-file>"
	Require group <group>

	Satisfy Any

RewriteEngine On
# ...
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ balancer://mongrel_cluster%{REQUEST_URI} [P,QSA,L]

That works just fine, Apache forces the user to authenticate and forwards to Rails if successful. I omitted a few lines for handling static files and such, and triggering authentication for them as well.

The environment variables from Rails' perspective contain the usual entries and additionally HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST, HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SERVER and HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR. I was unable to pass custom environment variables by adding them to the rewrite rule:

RewriteRule ... [P,QSA,L,E=foo:bar]

Any thoughts?

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Try using the RequestHeader directive to put REMOTE_USER in an HTTP header. This seems to have worked for the folks in this thread:

RewriteCond %{LA-U:REMOTE_USER} (.+)
RewriteRule . - [E=RU:%1]
RequestHeader add X-Forwarded-User %{RU}e
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Frickin A, it works! Thanks a bunch! –  Lemming Nov 8 '09 at 13:34

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