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I have built a JAR file using ANT 1.6.5 version. When i decompile the .class files into .java files, i can see the discrepancy in the variable names between the .java file and the decompiled .class file as shown below:

    String strFtpScriptName = null;                 Object obj = null;
    String strMailScriptName = null;                Object obj1 = null;
    boolean blnStatus = false;                      boolean flag = false;
    public void initialise(String strExtractName)   public void initialise(String s)
    String strFtpScriptName;                    String s1;

The left column is as in the original java file. The right column is the decompiled .class file. I have tried different ant versions. But still getting the same as above.

Anyone have any idea why the discrepancy in the variable names?

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You need to compile the source with debuglevel="vars" in the javac task.

vars will keep the variable names. You can also add lines will maintain the line numbers

You can have a look at javac to see other options

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Thanks for the reply Craig. I tried the above but haven't worked. – Sundar Jun 4 '13 at 6:36

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