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I am trying to reuse some c++ code, using a static library. for example if this is my c++ class in the static library.

class testclass
   void printsomethig();
   void dosomething();

now i want to inherit this class in my runtime project that later on i want to call it from my windows phone 8 c# project, but the problem is that a native class cannot be public and i can't see the methods and functions if it's not public. for example:

public class runtimeTestClass : testclass

The problem is that in runtime native cannot be public (error message), has to be

public ref runtimeTestClass sealed

but in this way i cannot inherith anything.

Does anyone know how i can work this out?

Thank you in advance

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If I were you I would opt to create a WinRT wrapper around your existing class as opposed to using inheritance.

If you delegate all functionality of your runtimeTestClass WinRT class to a private instance of your testclass then you will be able to use it from c#.

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