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My directory structure looks something like this:


Where I have the following code in main_tests.js:

  console.log('Testing begins');

The test_runner.js looks like this:

   console.log("in test_runner");

and the error_test.js is like this:

define('error_test',['modules/error'],function() {
   console.log('in erro_test');

As you might have figured out I want to run from the test_runner.js some tests. I need main_tests.js in order to define the dependencies for the application to be tested. I can set up the application to work(it's ember based). When I run the code for the tests it loads the test_runner.js, but it does not execute it and it also doesn't loads its dependencies(error_test.js).

Any thoughts why it does not do the thing?

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Is it a typo in your sample only ['modules/error']function ? – claustrofob Jun 4 '13 at 8:42
yes, I'll correct it - thanks, but it does not affect my problem, since as I said, that part of the app does not even load. – Pio Jun 4 '13 at 8:47
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In requireJS you've redefined 'test/test_runner' module as 'test_runner'

You should define test_runner.js without renaming the module:

define(['test/error_test'], function(){
   console.log("in test_runner");

As a rule of thumb, models should be referred to by their full path & name. They shouldn't be renamed by passing in the 1st param.

See the official docs

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Koszi :D. Teljesen megfeledkeztem errol. – Pio Jun 4 '13 at 9:02

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