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After installing a fresh Ubuntu (13.04) pem files (SSL certificates) are associated with "View file" (right click the file in Nautilus I see "Open with View file"), which nicely shows a clear text version of the certificate.

Now I wanted to edit the file and so chose "Open with another application" and selected gedit. It worked, but now I only see "Open with gedit" and cannot revert back to the "View file" program (or add it as another option). I also noticed many applications (for example Sublime, which is available in the Unity Lense) are missing in the dialog where I can choose which application to use for opening the file.

How can I get more (all that are "known" to unity, for example the lense) applications shown in the dialog where I can associate a file type with an application? Where can I find the "View file" application?

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Look at the file:


That will contain something like (this example is for a *.crt file):

[Added Associations]

Remove the offending line. You don't need to restart anything for the change to take effect.

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Thanks for this tip - worked great. Is there any way to get both apps to show so that you can double click the file to see the certificate as per default and also right click and do "open with other application" and view it in gedit? – ec2011 Oct 1 '14 at 9:41

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