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Ant search in text file some text expression, if it NOT found I try to delete file that txt was. So my code in Ant is down, but I don't know how put NOT correctly

      <target name="ifDelete">     
        <length when="greater" length="0">
            <fileset file="MyText.txt">
                <!--containsregexp negate="true"-->
                    <containsregexp expression="findME" />
            <delete includeemptydirs="true">
                <fileset dir="FileIgonnaDelete">
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To search and delete - means seek and destroy - files in a fileset that do not contain a specific text, use something like :

<delete verbose="true">
 <fileset dir="rootdir/to/search" includes="**/*.txt">
   <contains text="findMe"/>

you may use one or more nested resource collections (fileset, dirset ...) within delete.
see Ant manual delete, fileset and selectors for details.

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I found the ans .Instead length when="greater" length="0" have to be length when="equal" length="0". And that do exactly what I need. –  Dima Shifer Jun 4 '13 at 14:49

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