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For large size screens, the default android keyboard automatically displays Tab keys. I have a phonegap application which contains several input boxes on one page. When I try to navigate between input boxes using tab key on soft-keyboard, nothing happens.

I also tried to open gmail login page on browser and Tab key didn't shift focus there as well. However, I noticed that only in case of input boxes, I had to use shift+tab key to navigate to next input box. For navigating between other elements, just pressing tab key was sufficient. Is this the specific behavior implemented by android & is there any particular reason for it? I am using nexus 10 but found same behavior on emulator too.

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I think this is a problem with Nexus 10 in particular, as I observe the same thing and here is another user that reports the same (Nexus 10 keyboard - Tab key not working).

Tab key does work on native Android apps as it is supposed to, but not on hybrid apps which are basically wrapped in WebView. I think this is an oversight from the Android team. You can always install a Swipe or Hackers keyboard from the Play Store where the Tab key does the job.

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