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I have a Silverlight 3 app deployed at multiple customer sites. Customers are occasionally getting a System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException with an inner exception of Async_ExceptionOccurred.

What is the cause of this? Is it just unreliability in the communications with the server? Is there any way to configure WCF to do an automatic retry of messages?

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I've seen it when our IIS servers run out of memory and the the services are no longer responding to the client. They seem to go away with an IIS reset

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I'm seeing the same thing with a silverlight app of mine. I can repro this error with Fiddler:

  • Rules -> Performance -> Simulate modem speeeds
  • You'll see your WCF svc getting hit, right click it and 'abort session'.

Is it just internet connections flaking out? When this happens in my prod environment I don't see any hit to the WCF SVC when the exception occurs in silverlight. So it's not even getting as far as our server. I have had a VERY similar issue in the past caused by a firewall doing something funny and killing connections.

So I'm left with two options:

  • update the silverlight app to display a message when we get this error. Maybe alter EVERY WCF hit to attempt 5 times then show an error. Yuck!
  • isolate any possible firewall issues. Run a test harness to repro the error. Test it in environments with/without any firewall.
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