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I need some advice regarding this topic, since I've found a variety of answers for it. I just want buttons with gradient background as the ones displayed in most of iOS apps, but I don´t know what the best way to do that should be:

a) Apple's HIG documentation (iOS Human Interface Guidelines) has a section where tips for creating resizable images are given, and it talks about having a gradient image of 1 or 2 pixel width and repeat it.

b) I've read in some posts that it is possible to create a gradient in code.

What should be the best approach?

Regarding button's titles, I've also seen that in existing apps they usually have a sort of drop shadow (example from Twitter):


How can I do that? Is it made in code, or is it another image?

Thanks in advance

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These are 2-3 questions. Its better to focus on one subject. The gradient thing has been discussed here: stackoverflow.com/questions/422066/… –  brainray Jun 9 '13 at 13:55

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