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I'm getting an unexpected T_CONCAT_EQUAL error on a line of the following form:

$arg1 .= "arg2".$arg3."arg4";

I'm using PHP5. I could simply go an do the following:

$arg1 = $arg1."arg2".$arg3."arg4";

but I'd like to know whats going wrong in the first place. Any ideas?

Thanks, sweeney

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This would happen when $arg1 is undefined (doesn't have a value, was never set.)

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bingo - turns out i left the $ off of $arg1. not sure why it didnt catch the T_VAR first but close enough. thanks man. – Brian Sweeney Oct 3 '08 at 22:36

sounds like you forgot a semicolon on the line above this one.

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So the most accurate reason is that the above posted line of code:

$arg1 .= "arg2".$arg3."arg4";

was actually as follows in my source:

arg1 .= "arg2".$arg3."arg4";

The $ was missing from arg1. I dont know why the interpreter did not catch that first, but whatever. Thanks for the input Jeremy and Bailey - it lead me right to the problem.

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When the interpreter comes across something like 'arg1' without quotes or anything, first it checks if it's a defined constant, and if it isn't, it interprets it as the string 'arg1'. So you got the error because it couldn't assign a value to a constant string. – Jeremy Ruten Oct 3 '08 at 22:51

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