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I am developing a sbt plugin. In this plugin I generate some new scala sources packaged in a sbt project. Then I need to compile these new files programaticaly so that I could add the generated class in my classLoader.

I do not find any way to compile programaticaly sources from a given sbt project path (and eventually from a classLoader) in the sbt API, something as simple as the sbt command (sbt compile) line would be very convenient, something like:



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For now, the better option I found is to use : sys.process.Process( Seq( "sbt", "compile" ),path) !!, but I guess we can use an internal command of sbt to achieve this ! – Mathieu Jun 5 '13 at 12:44

I suggest you have a look at sbt-boilerplate which is an sbt plugin that generates code, works well and is really simple.

Here's a link to the file that you probably want to take a look at

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