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I have a lot of endpoints annotated with @WebService(targetNamespace = "mynamespace"). Every @WebResult and @WebParam has the same definition of targetNamespace = "mynamespace".

Is there a way to configure JAX-WS (Metro implementation) to use "mynamespace" as targetNamespace by default?

I would like to use the annotations without any attributes and get rid of the duplicate declarations, just like convention over configuration.

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Only put the targetNamespace in the service endpoint interface or service implementation bean.

* Annotated Implementation Object
    name = "CustomerService",
    targetNamespace = "http://org.company.services"
public class CustomerService {
    public CustomerRecord locateCustomer(
        @WebParam(name="FirstName") String firstName,
        @WebParam(name="LastName") String lastName,
        @WebParam(name="Address") USAddress addr) {

If @WebResult or @WebParam have no targetNamespace, the default is the targetNamespace for the Web Service.

In another hand, you can avoid the all annotations and only use the @WebService if you don't need something custom with JAX-B.

See more in JSR-181 Web Services Metadata for the JavaTM Platform

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When I leave out the targetNamespace at @WebResult and at @WebParam the generated XML in the SOAP response has a namespace for the outermost XML tag (e.g. <ns0:locateCustomerResponse>), but the inner ones uses the default namespace (e.g. <CustomerRecord>).The same happens to the parameters (<firstName> instead of <ns0:firstName>). –  timomeinen Jun 5 '13 at 6:45
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