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I'm using Cartalyst Sentry 2 in a Laravel 4 application, and one thing I'd like to change is the cookie name for the "remember me" feature, which is "cartalyst_sentry" by default.

I looked at the source code and couldn't figure out a way to change it "cleanly", and I really don't want to change it directly in their source code.

How can I change the "remember me" cookie name without touching Sentry's source code?

Thanks !

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See Line 32 in /vendor/cartalyst/sentry/src/Cartalyst/Sentry/Cookie/IlluminateCookie.php

protected $key = 'cartalyst_sentry';

Unfortunately the cookie name is not in the configuration. Otherwise we could just run the following:

php artisan config:publish cartalyst/sentry

and give our cookie a unique name.

EDIT: See new issue in Github

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Yeah I found that line and was trying to figure out a way to inject a value from outside, but also came up with nothing. Thanks for opening the issue on GitHub, I'll accept your answer for that reason. Thanks ! –  Alexandre Danault Jun 5 '13 at 0:06
Ended up doing the pull request myself, the new feature has been merged into the master branch by the cartalyst devs. –  Alexandre Danault Jun 7 '13 at 12:22

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