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I'm trying to export the list box items into xml file , I'm able to export single value objects such as text box, radio button, check boxes...

<Setting Name="txt_ImageQuality">20</Setting>
<Setting Name="txt_ImageType">JPG</Setting>
<Setting Name="rdio_checkedStatus">True</Setting>

but I want to export the following listbox items into XML.

enter image description here

is there any ways around in c#, thanks for your time.

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Could you please try the below code snippet and please vote the answer if its usefult

XElement element = new XElement("Items");
foreach (var item in listBox1.Items)
  element.Add(new XElement("Name", item));
XDocument document = new XDocument();
document.Save("items.xml",SaveOptions.DisableFormatting); //create items.xml file in bin folder
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Try the above

var xml = new XElement("Items",
from s in strings 
let parts = s.Split('=')
select new XElement("Item", 
    new XAttribute("Key", parts[0]), 


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Thanks for your response,I do not have any knowledge on Linq & when I tried your code, I get the following response: The Index was outside the bounds of the array. –  SanVEE Jun 4 '13 at 14:30

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