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I have a Grid and inside the grid, I have Buttons. I need PointerEntered and PointerReleased events as I need to track which buttons are hovered. The problem is that, I need my Grid to handle the click events. Even though I don't have a click/tap/press handler for the button, my button captures the click and doesn't bubble it up to its parent (Grid). If I disable the button by settin IsEnabled to false, the click event is bubbled up to the Grid correctly, but then PointerEntered and PointerReleased events aren't fired, which I need to handle on the button. How can I handle enter/release events on the button and at the same time, pass the click event to its parent? I need my Grid to go onto "clicked" state as I also listen for the PointerReleased event on it. If click doesn't fire, released doesn't fire even if I do release the mouse button when on the Grid.

Thanks, Can.

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Try using AddHandler to attach a click event to grid and see if it works for you. Remember to remove the event using RemoveHandler when done.

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that worked like a charm. don't understand why I need to do it explicitly, but anyway, thanks :) – Can Poyrazoğlu Jun 4 '13 at 23:19
Sometimes other controls consume it and events are not bubbled up in the chain :). So AddHandler is a way to listen to those kind of events. – Sachin S Jun 4 '13 at 23:37

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