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Is target=_blank the best way or is there something else that has replaced it?

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Don't. The user can open a new tab if wanted –  Jim Deville Nov 7 '09 at 3:31

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This IMO is still the best way to do it. And will work with any sane browser even when everything else like javascript and the like fails. Even as I seem to recall that the target attribute at some time was removed from one or the other XHTML standard (I think XHTML Strict).

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It disappeared in XHTML Strict, but it would appear that target="_blank" will remain in HTML5, but browser makers will be encouraged to allow users to disable the behaviour (and default it to disabled).

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In this article at 456 Berea Street, Roger Johansson recommends using JavaScript instead of the _target attribute, as the _target attribute is invalid in strict HTML/XHTML. However, he also recommends you avoid making links open in new windows as much as possible.

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Right, use the option that could be disabled when target is consistently interpreted by browsers... Yet another reason using strict isn't a great idea. –  OMG Ponies Nov 7 '09 at 4:34

Remember HTML is only meant for content, not behaviour. Hence we have CSS for layout and JS for behaviour. For that reason you should use JS for the open in a new window functionality. This is why XHTML strict doesn't allow target="_blank".

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