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I am trying to run the following query

SELECT edge_id, b_id FROM booking_by_edge WHERE edge_id IN ?

I bind Java list of Long's as a parameter and I get an exception

SyntaxError: line 0:-1 mismatched input '<EOF>' expecting ')' (

If I try to use (?) it expects single Long item to be bound, but I need a collection

Is there an error in my syntax?

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Got response on Datastax bugzilla, it is currently not supported, but planned

Update: Supported in Cassandra 2.0.1

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Could you tell me if it is solved now? I could not quite get the idea from the links. – pinkpanther Feb 25 at 15:13

Tested in Cassandra 2.1.3, the following code snippet works:

PreparedStatement prepared = session.prepare("SELECT edge_id, b_id FROM booking_by_edge WHERE edge_id IN ?;");
List<Long> edgeIds = Arrays.asList(1L, 2L, 3L);
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