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I have a Wordpress Multisite installation, and the root domain is set to root-domain.com. I would like to switch it with one of the sites of the network (site-in-network.com), and make it a root domain.

This way site-in-network.com would become the root domain, and root-domain.com would become one of the sites in the network (100+ sites).

I've done search and replace on a database before, and it worked, but I was dropping a domain all together, so I just replaced domain-a.com with domain-b.com. This time it is different, I want to keep both of them, and just switch the positions in the database.

I guess I would need to run a MySQL query. As far as I know, the root domain was set to something like "www.root-domain.com", and all other sites in the network were like "site-in-network.com" (without the .www part)

The database is about 0.5GB, so it would be good to get it right the first time.

Thank you in advance for any info.

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It can be done with a search and replace, but mind you that wordpress is also storing site information in a serialized form in the tables. That means that a default search and replace will break a lot of stuff, so be careful with that.

There is however a script that takes this into account: http://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

Download it and put it in your root folder. (And afterwards, delete it!!)

Using this script you could change root-domain.com to root-domain.tmp.com and then site-in-network.com to root-domain.com. After that you could rename root-domain.tmp.com to site-in-network.com. Basicly what Plamen Nikolov suggested to do in the first place.

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Here is a little bit of a craftily solution:

You can still workaround the situation with the find and replace technique using fake domain name:

  1. Replace site-in-network.com with some-fake-unique-name.com
  2. Replace root-domain.com with site-in-network.com
  3. Finally some-fake-unique-name.com with root-domain.com.

There is also solution without changing the database, by definining HOME and SITE URL like here: Changing the Site URL

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