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I have something like:

$string = '/mfsi_rpt/files/mfsi/reports/bval/bval_parlcont_pck_m_20130430.pdf';

I would like to extract the parlcont from the string (the word between the 2nd and 3rd underscore).

What is the best way to achieve this using Perl?

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It would be nice if you first take out the filename from the file path using File::Basename then you can use split to take out the desired name.

use strict;

use File::Basename;

my $string = "/mfsi_rpt/files/mfsi/reports/bval/bval_parlcont_pck_m_20130430.pdf";

my $data = ( split( /_/,  basename($string) ))[1];


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Thanks - this worked out great. –  joe_1266 Jun 4 '13 at 17:18

You can match this with a regular expression, by combining greedy and non-greedy matches, and using capturing parenthesis to extract the part you're interested in:

if( $string =~ m:.+/.*?_(.+?)_:) {
  print "$1\n";

The ".+/" is a greedy match, which will gobble up everything up to the last / to get past the directory components.

Then the ".*?_" is non-greedy, so it will take everything up to the first _

Then "(.+?)_" is another non-greedy to match and capture everything up to the next _

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