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I would like to transform this:

id  brand color price
1   bmw   white 100
2   fiat  black 200
3   audi  blue  300

into this

id  value
1   bmw
1   white
1   100
2   fiat
2   black
2   200
3   audi
3   blue
3   300

Headers (id, title...) are not important, all I need are values.

I've been searching for a solution for some time now, but can't find any.

Thanks for you help!

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Take a look at this SO post. You could run something like it and then delete the Header column. –  Doug Glancy Jun 4 '13 at 13:41

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You can do this with Excel formulas. Assuming that your data are in cells 'A2:D4' and that your results begin cell F2, the following OFFSET formulas will transform the data as you want:

The first formula would begin in cell F2. This is the formula that gets and repeats the id:


The second formula would begin in cell G2. This one traverses the columns of the data:


Both would be copied down as far as would be needed to transpose all the data.

Excel sheet display

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