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I am using the Dropbox Sync api for Android and worked out how to upload a file from my app to a folder within my dropbox. What I am looking for now is to be able to download the file from dropbox back to my app.

Can check the file exists :

DbxFileSystem dbxFs = DbxFileSystem.forAccount(mDbxAcctMgr.getLinkedAccount());

            if (dbxFs.exists(testPath)) {
                                 // create file and upload to dropbox

Can someone point me in the direction of the method to download it back to app. (Using dropbox as a backup solution for users as well as SDCard)


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If you're asking how to read the contents of a file from Dropbox, I think the answer is to call dbxFs.open(testPath).getReadStream() and then read the contents from there.

If that's not what you meant or if that doesn't work, would you please clarify the question?

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Thanks. Sorted it and got it working but has opened a new issue –  James Dudley Jun 5 '13 at 13:22

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