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I am adding real time data to an XY Plot. How can I remove the graph's dots/markers or make them invisible? I cannot find the according method in the java doc.


is not working for me. Thanks

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There are a few different options.

//Sets all grid lines to transparent

//Sets only the domain lines to transparent

//Sets only the range lines to transparent

And of course you can set the grid lines to any color this way, not just transparent.

I hope this helps.

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as of mid 2014 this methods does not exist in the android plot 0.6.1 version of the jar. refer the below answer –  war_Hero Dec 26 at 4:35

In my case the first method doen't exist in the libraries, and the second and the third are changed like this:


and not


But yes, it works. After setcontentview and before addseries in your activity onCreae method

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