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What am I doing

I am doing some automation test cases in iOS. For this I am using Instruments .

Now first of all I am making Object Repository for the Application so that I don't have to write the code again and again.

My Problem

But I have some reference problem in window reference .

For example

var target = UIATarget.localTarget();
var app = target.frontMostApp();
var window = app.mainWindow();

We have put this code in library.

Now when I am taping on some button then he goes to another window . Here I am not rewriting the whole code thats why I have used this function . Now when it goes to another window after push or any effect the window refer to only old window.

What I Need Here

Since I am creating a library . I don't want to rewrite the code again , Is there any why where I can find the window that is now on the screen , or any approach that replace the window whenever I am using the case where tab bar is there and window always refers to the screen which is the first one. is there anything where I can replace that window after tapping ?

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This is not a problem, this is the expected behavior: you can store the elements and later you can refer to them. Re-assign these variables each time you land on a new screen. Use functions instead of variables:

target = function() {return UIATarget.localTarget();}

Then replace the "target"-s to "target()" in your code.

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