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I've been wondering what's the best way to deal with exceptions on CodeIgniter. The usual way is to use trigger_error() or log_message(), however I've been wondering if there's a better way using try/catch.

Any tips or recommendations on how to implement this into CodeIgniter?

Currently I'm extending the Exceptions Class, but I would like to know if someone else already dealt with this problem before.

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What sort of exceptions are you trying to catch? – Steven Xu Nov 8 '09 at 3:36
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I would do something as simple as:

try { $this->load->model('modelname'); }

catch ( Exception $e )

If you application is environment aware then I would show_error() on local, email error on live. This functionality could even be added into MY_Model to work generically for all models.

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Not sure if this was correct in earlier versions of CI, but this doesn't work because load() will show_error() before the exception is caught. – Wesley Murch Jan 26 '12 at 22:03

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