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We have a PHP/MYSQL application that collects user input, including special characters like ø,ü,ñ, etc Database is capturing them, and they can be seen via PHPmyAdmin. Download on windows is fine. Display on a mac browser is fine.

When users download the text file on a Mac OSX, the unicode characters come out as other characters. If I save the PHP file as with UTF-8 with BOM, (which apparently affects PHP output) they come out as little black diamonds.

Here is the output header I am using

mb_http_output("UTF-8"); header('Content-type: application/xml; charset="utf-8"'); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=file.xml"); die($text);

Any tips greatly appreciated!

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I'm using textwrangler on the mac, which I thought to be reputable. Apikot's answer did help in one specific case where the ø character came across as another single char. Thanks Apikot! there may be two things happening @Cal Here is an example like you describe, Bülowstr. 30, Köln But this shows up in the phpMyAdmin as well I think the MYSQL collation should be utf-8. Thank you both! – breuklyner Nov 8 '09 at 1:42

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have you tried:

$text = utf8_encode($text);


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i suspect this does not do what you think it does. utf8_encode() turns a Latin-1/ISO-8859-1 string into UTF-8. – Cal Nov 7 '09 at 22:00

There could be several things wrong, but it sounds like the editor you're opening the file up in on your mac is not recognizing the file as UTF-8, even though it is. Do accented characters appear as two characters each, the first of which is a capital A? That means you're looking at UTF-8 bytes, treated as if they were Latin-1.

It would be easier to know for sure if you could upload the resulting file somewhere :)

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