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I am having a number of stock transactions where the number of stocks is given by Quantity. The cumulative sum of Quantity cannot become negative (cumsum(Quantity) will never be negative), as I will always first buy then sell. For example:

Quantity <- c(3,-1,-2,3,-1,2,-4)

Now I would like to create a list of trades, where each trade has to have the same number of stocks bought and sold (sum(TradeN)==0). The list of trades should follow the FIFO principle. So first units bought are the first units sold again.

So the first trade in the example would be a buy of 1 unit and then a sell of 1.

Trade1 <- c(1,-1)

leaving us with the following transactions

Quantity <- c(2,-2,3,-1,2,-4)

In the end I would like to have something like:

PurchaseSale <- list(Trade1=c(1,-1), Trade2=c(2,-2), Trade3=c(1,-1), Trade4=c(2,2,-4))

I have written a rather clumsy version for this which is quite slow involving many loops. So maybe someone has an idea of how to solve this problem in a fast way as my Quantity vector may be very large.

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I don't get it. For a given vector like Quantity you want a list like your PurchaseSale that does what? Are you applying each element to Quantity sequentially? So after Trade2 you have c(0,0,3,-1,2,4)? But then Trade3 makes it c(-1,1,3,-1,2,4)? I don't understand. –  Spacedman Jun 4 '13 at 15:16
Sorry for being unclear. I would like to reorder Quantity to PurchaseSale where each item in PurchaseSale has to satisfy mapply(sum, PurchaseSale) == 0. Yes, I am applying each element to Quantity sequentially? After Trade2 Quantity would be c(0,0,0,3,-1,2,-4) and after Trade3 c(0,0,0,2,0,2,-4) or c(3,-1,2,-4) and c(2,2,-4) if you remove the 0's. –  Wolfgang Wu Jun 4 '13 at 15:36

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