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I can test cultures well enough e.g. es-US or fr-CA but the .NET framework has a built in class called System.Globalization.CultureInfo which I believe is returning wrong values as I'm visiting from a US address.

Is there a way to fake the headers or a browser extension that can handle this sort of testing?

I've looked into proxies, but the site is only accessible through VPN.

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Please be careful with localizing. Years ago I ran into a nasty one--a webmail system that insisted on using my localization and there was no way to override it. It wasn't my system, though, and I don't speak the language it was set for. –  Loren Pechtel Jun 4 '13 at 4:58
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Have you tried the article how-to-localize-asp-net-controls-based-on-browsers-language-and-culture-settings ?

It is an example of how to use CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture when <%@ Page Language="C#" UICulture="auto" ... is set.

In Step 6 of the article the autor shows how to simulate different languages in the browser

    Step 6:

    Now change language of your browser to Hindi (hi-IN). In Internet Explorer, go to:

    Tools -> Internet Options -> General tab -> Languages -> Add

    Now select Hindi (India) [hi-IN] from the drop down and click OK. 
    Move Hindi to top using Move up button.

I donot know if this also work for System.Globalization.CultureInfo, too.

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