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I configured 3 machines with MongoDB ReplicaSet, and all is working great, I can connect to them, one of them dies and the remaining keep working, it is fine.

I connect with the URI: hostname1,hostname2,hostname3/?readPreference=secondary, then I make some queries and they are working as well, but I want to check if this connection is really querying from the secondary node.

How can I check this? Should I just trust that this is being done this way?, I also was checking the logs on the machines with mongo, and all of them, show the same things, that the connection was made to all three (connection accepted from REMOTEIP #NUMBER).

I also made a quick test with Java, and reading the db.getReadPreference() from the com.mongo.DB I configured, and it is showing secondary. So it is the same, should I then trust this? is it correctly querying only the secondary node?

Thank you.

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1) use mongostat command, which will tell you how many different operations ( query, insert, update, delete, command, etc ) are coming to the server You will find that primary is not getting any 'query' operation but secondaries will.

mongostat -u<user-name> -p<password>

2) Use mongosniff, to know the queries coming to the server

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Thank you, I used mongostat --port PORT by default, no users. Queries only made to secondaries, I can trust now :) –  eLRuLL Jun 5 '13 at 15:06

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