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I am trying to get a list of all devices in the system together with how they are connected. Therefore, I want to essentially clone the structure of the IO Kit services tree (that you can see with IORegistryExplorer). How do I iterate through all the keys? (One of the reasons this is confusing to me is because I dont understand what the difference between io_service, io_registry, and io_object are).

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The difference between service, registry and object is only in the circumstances they are used. Otherwise they are completely the same. From IOTypes.h:

typedef io_object_t io_registry_entry_t;
typedef io_object_t io_service_t;

There is documentation available about Traversing the I/O Registry, which also includes information on traversing the whole registry. For each entry you then would have to get the properties and save them with your representation of the registry.

So you would use IORegistryGetRootEntry(), print/save its name and properties and then iterate over the children with IORegistryEntryGetChildIterator().

You get the properties with IORegistryEntryCreateCFProperties() following aCFDictionaryGetKeysAndValues(). For the values you then have to check what types these are to print/save them (or use CFSHOW). When you really want to clone this into a different structure (with different types) you have to handle every possible CFTypeID explicitely.

I created a working prototype at https://gist.github.com/JonnyJD/6126680


In another SO answer the (C) source code of ioreg is linked. That should be a good resource for printing/extracting missing CFTypes.

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