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Is there a way to detect vertical scroll distance with a media query?

It seems that media queries are designed around detecting the medium (shocking right :P) so things like browser height are testable, but not specifically how far down the page is scrolled.

If is not possible, but you know a way in JS (not jQuery) feel free to post!

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I don't believe it's possible with a CSS media query, but I do know that the scroll height can be found in JavaScript using window.pageYOffset. If you wanted to run this value through a function every time the users scrolled up or down on a page, you could do something like


Or just


If the function itself checked the value of window.pageYOffset.

For more advice on how to do use window.onscroll efficiently in JavaScript, refer to mynameistechno's answer.

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+1 Good Answer. –  Connor Jun 4 '13 at 16:39
Doesn't work. See my answer –  mynameistechno May 16 at 0:39
I fixed the capitalization error in my answer and added something referring to your answer for more information on use of window.onscroll. Just for the record, I chose not to add more information to my answer because I assume that developers who wanted to use the JavaScript technique would do their own research on window.onscroll. @mynameistechno –  Mister Dood May 16 at 1:24

First off, the accepted answer doesn't work.

The correct name is


and not



Second, this is horribly inefficient as the function is called way more than it needs to and can make the page laggy when scrolled. From John Resig:


Much better to use a timer that runs every 150 ms or so - something like:

var scrolled = false;

window.onscroll = function() {
  scrolled = true;

  if (scrolled) {
    scrolled = false;
    // scrollFunction()
}, 150);
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This probably would have been better off as a comment on the accepted answer. –  Boaz Aug 7 at 12:55

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