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Does ZK support checking if an element has focus?

HtmlBasedComponent has both focus() and setFocus(boolean) to set the focus.. but I don't see any getFocus().

Specifically, I am interested in checking the user's focus on an InputElement, a Bandbox; I want to know if the user is ready to type in the textbox part.

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There is no method like isFocus() or getFocus(), but a workaround.
InputElement has two events, onFocus and onBlur

public class MyInputElem extends InputElement{

  private boolean focus = false;

  public void focus(){
    focus = true;

  public void blur(){
    focus = flase;

  public boolean isFocus(){
    return focus;

So if you extend from a InputElement like this, it should keep
the focus information up to date.

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I ended up going with something like this, it does the trick. Cheers. – Sean Connolly Jun 11 '13 at 17:56

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