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I am currently using mongoimport like this to import many JSON files into my database.

mongoimport --host localhost --db test --collection <collectionName> --type json --file <filepath>

This works well, however, I want to add a field that records the timestamp of the time of import (I am using a cron job so this script runs at various times). How exactly can I do this?

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When the documents get created during import, you get a primary key that's created for you called '_id' which has an ObjectId type field.

As it turns out the first four bytes of the ObjectId are the timestamp of its creation. So you can sort by _id as a proxy for sort by insert time, in addition various MongoDB drivers provide methods to extract the timestamp from the ObjectId - for example in MongoDB shell:

> var o=new ObjectId()
> o
> o.getTimestamp()
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