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I am using heroku server to host my java spring based application. The application uses servletContext.getRealPath(""); which returns a null value. This error has been posted before Here, but those causes couldnt help me out.

I am using a free account on heroku server and i have deployed the application both, by maven commit and through the entire war file deploy, but nothing could help.

I have also written to heroku and they suggested to launch the application as an exploded war file or use AWS S3.

The reason is that i need the actual file path to write some content to the file. I wanted to know, is this common with Heroku ?? if yes how to overcome ??

Thanks in Advance

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You should not be writing files to the deploy folder. Period. This is not specific to Heroku. See also among others stackoverflow.com/questions/14843615/… Just use Heroku's own data storage facilities, if any. Consult their documentation or contact their support team for details. –  BalusC Jun 4 '13 at 17:52
Well the scenario is, i need to create a html page which will be shown in a iframe. html page contents will be selected by user through the app. Now to show the contents in iframe, the html page should be present in the web-app...!! –  vipul12389 Jun 5 '13 at 4:36

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