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Is is possible in a foreach loop to get a greater than and a lesser than position in the same statement.

Currently I have <xsl:for-each select="(/*/Request/InvoiceDetailRequest/InvoiceDetailOrder/InvoiceDetailItem)[10 &gt;= position()]">

But I want <xsl:for-each select="(/*/Request/InvoiceDetailRequest/InvoiceDetailOrder/InvoiceDetailItem)[10 &gt;= position()] and [10 &lt;= position()">

This doesnt work.

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Put both halves of the predicate condition in the same set of square brackets:

(....)[(10 &gt;= position()) and (5 &lt;= position())]
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Thx works perfectly –  Tjiko Schutte Jun 5 '13 at 5:54

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