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i have developed a theme for liferay and i have deployed it.

but when i choose the theme it doesnt recognize it's styles and it is reading styles from previous theme caches.

how can i delete previous theme style caches?

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Are you sure it is Liferay cache and not browser cache you are talking about? Try pressin Ctrl+Shift+R. –  Andrey Adamovich Nov 7 '09 at 11:42
yah, i am sure. i have tested it with different browsers. –  rahim asgari Nov 7 '09 at 12:43
Have you developed the theme as a hook plugin? –  Sylar Nov 9 '09 at 8:25

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i finally solved the problem.

it actually wasn't any sort of cache.

i just have to make everything_packed.css file. the theme was using the old file.

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