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Here is my code:

let rec sum n =  
    if n <= 0 then 0
    else if n / 2 * 2 = n then 3 * n + 50 * (sum n-2)
    else n + 10 * (sum n-1);;

The math problem is simply as following:

sn =
    0 if n = 0
    50*sn-2 + 3*n, if n > 0 and n is even
    10*sn-1 + n  , if n > 0 and n is odd

When I test sum 5, it popped out "stack overflow" error as following:

Stack overflow during evaluation (looping recursion?).

Could anyone help me out?

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always check your recursion carefully: initialisation, stopping condition and recurse. Stack overflow during evaluation means that your stopping condition is wrong! – zmo Jun 4 '13 at 18:33

That is because n is not being changed in the recursive call. You'll have to wrap the n-1 and n-2 in parenthesis. You're calling (sum n)-1 instead of sum (n-1).

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oh, yea.. ah-ha. Thank you! – user2170674 Jun 5 '13 at 20:16

Add parentheses:

let rec sum n =  
    if n <= 0 then 0
    else if n / 2 * 2 = n then 3 * n + 50 * (sum (n-2))
    else n + 10 * (sum (n-1));;

(* prints 3125 *)
print_int (sum 5);;

Instead of calling sum on n-2 (or n-1), you're calling it on n and subtracting 2 (or 1) from the result. Since the input never changes, it recurses until it overflows the stack.

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thx. yea. my bad. thanks buddy! – user2170674 Jun 5 '13 at 20:16

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