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I have encountered something very strange. The code I am having trouble with is:

int stringPos;
int found1;
while (stringPos < 1);
    //start searching inString for framen starting at foundn and record
    found1 = inString.find(frame1, found1);
    cout << found1 << endl;

    //if return is a number, push back foundn to a vector
    if (found1 != -1)
    //if return is npos, then break the loop

    //add 1 to foundn so that the search would continue from where the
    //search ended last

The strange thing is that when I put cout << found1 << endl; below the line found1 = inString.find(frame1, found1); the loop executes properly. However, if I don't have the cout << found1 << endl; it enters an infinite loop...

Any suggestions? THANKS!

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That code doesn't do what you claim it does. And if you won't show us the code with the problem, how could we fix it? –  Mooing Duck Jun 4 '13 at 19:43
Please read and think about sscce.org –  Mooing Duck Jun 4 '13 at 19:44

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This is a mistake (and uses an unitialized variable):

while (stringPos < 1);

as it is equivalent to:

while (stringPos < 1) {}

If this did not enter an infinite loop the code following it would be executed once only. To correct:

  • Initialize the variables stringPos and found1.
  • Use type size_t for stringPos and found as std::string::find() does not return an int, but returns size_type (usually size_t).
  • Use std::string::npos instead of -1 to test for not found.
  • Remove the trailing semi-colon.
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Your program has undefined behavior, because you are trying to use the value of an uninitialized variable here:

while (stringPos < 1)
//     ^^^^^^^^^
//     This is uninitialized

And here:

found1 = inString.find(frame1, found1);
//                             ^^^^^^
//                             This is uninitialized

Besides, even supposing your variables were initialized, you have a semicolon that makes your while loop either a no-op or an infinite loop (as hmjd correctly points out in his answer).

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I would start off by initializing the stringPos and found1 variables.

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