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I followed the login authentication tutorial on Facebook and have copied the following code into my android application

private Session.StatusCallback callback = 
    new Session.StatusCallback()
    public void call(Session session, 
            SessionState state, Exception exception) {
        onSessionStateChange(session, state, exception);

However, it is giving me the following errors:

Session.StatusCallback cannot be resolved to a type

Which is leading to the following errors:

callback cannot be resolved to a variable

There's also other places where Facebook API calls are made that are giving me errors, but it's not in all the Facebook API calls. Another place I'm getting an error is the following:

Request request = Request.newMeRequest(session, 
                    new Request.GraphUserCallback() {
                public void onCompleted(GraphUser user, Response response) {
                    // If the response is successful
                    if (session == Session.getActiveSession()) {
                        if (user != null) {
                            // Set the id for the ProfilePictureView
                            // view that in turn displays the profile picture.
                            Log.d("MainActivity", "onComplete() User logged in");
                            parent.owner = MainKickback.userConnection.add(new User(user.getId()));

                            EventFragment e = (EventFragment) fragments[UPCOMING_EVENTS];
                    if (response.getError() != null) {
                        // Handle errors, will do so later.

where it does not recognize Request.GraphUserCallback, and then executeAsync(). I get the following errors:

Request.GraphUserCallback cannot be resolved to a type
The method executeAsync() is undefined for the type DownloadManager.Request

Does anyone have any advice as to how to fix this?

Thank you for your help in advance!!

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I had the same problem as your first one, and I solved it by removing

import android.service.textservice.SpellCheckerService.Session;

and adding

import com.facebook.Session;
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You are a life saver!! Why do you think the SpellCheckerService.Session was creating a problem, because I had the exact same issue and it got solved by removing the statement! – Darth Coder Jan 11 '14 at 23:55

I had a similar issue, and the problem was that I had these two imports in the file

import android.service.textservice.SpellCheckerService.Session;

And those Request and Session modules were overriding


I actually just removed the two android imports and everything worked nicely. They didn't seem to be used, but eclipse added them in for some strange reason.

Judging by your output

The method executeAsync() is undefined for the type DownloadManager.Request

I'd say it sounds like you have the same imports happening somewhere and they're overriding the facebook imports.

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Got this issue when having both Request and Session classes from Volley framework already imported. Try using the class with the package name for Session and Request, it worked for me. See below's code.

private com.facebook.Session.StatusCallback callback = 
    new com.facebook.Session.StatusCallback()
    public void call(com.facebook.Session session, 
            SessionState state, Exception exception) {
        onSessionStateChange(session, state, exception);
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For your first problem, which import do you use ? I use this for the Callback:

import com.facebook.Session.StatusCallback;

Which Facebook SDK are you using ? The newest one ? I am using latest sdk 4.01 butin this sdk is not support this pakage

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I am using import com.facebook.SessionState; and importing anything else gives me a conflict. And I am using Facebook SDK 3.0.1 i think – Rucha Heda Jun 4 '13 at 20:17
Hmmm silly question but, did you imported the facebook sdk as an android project and included that into your buildpath of your project as a library project ? – Luser_k Jun 4 '13 at 20:23
Yes, I did. This entire project was working before, then I updated my git repo and things broke and now I'm trying to fix it again. Other calls to Facebook API are not throwing errors. But these particular ones are and I'm not sure why. – Rucha Heda Jun 4 '13 at 20:26

I had a message: "Cannot resolve symbol Session". So, the problem was in non-plugged library "facebook". I resolved it so. 1. Open Project Structure (File > Project Structure). 2. Select Modules on the left pane. 3. Choose your project name. 4. Click Dependencies tab. 5. Click on the plus sign in the bottom. Select "Module dependency" and click "facebook". 6. Press OK, then OK.

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Just delete the FB SDK and re-download it. Your SDK is probably corrupted by others who pushed to git.

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I did that and the errors did not disappear. – Rucha Heda Jun 4 '13 at 21:37

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