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.main {
   background: green;
   @include span-columns(9,12);

Is there an easy or inbuilt way in Susy to include , say, a 10px padding inside .main keeping its initial width intact so that the green background doesnt bleed ?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if a version of this question has been asked before.

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There are two options:

  1. Use box-sizing: border-box; - this is now supported by all the major browsers, and Compass has a handy box-sizing() mixin to take care of prefixes for you. If you use it everywhere (like I do), it can change the size of a Susy container, but Susy comes with the handy mixin to fix all that for you. Simply add this at the root, before you set your containers - it will set the box model, and let Susy know to adjust for it:

    @include border-box-sizing;
  2. Use the $padding argument (docs) to the span-columns mixin. With this approach you are limited to the same units you used for declaring your grid - and just like those, these will be converted to fluid values if they aren't fluid already.

You can see why option #1 is way better, as long as you are OK leaving IE7 out of the fun.

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Ahh, I knew I was missing something. I was afraid I would need inner divs for all sections. –  supernoob Jun 5 '13 at 7:15

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