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I have a web page that is used for file uploads. Along with each file upload there are two input fields.

<div class="row form_row">
    <label class="span2">Name</label>
    <input class="span6" type="text" placeholder="Recording Title" />
<div class="row form_row">
    <label class="span2">Description</label>
    <textarea class="span6" placeholder="Recording Title"></textarea>
<div class="row form_row">
    <label class="span2">File</label>
    <input class="span6" type="file" placeholder="Recording Title" />

My question is how can I use a progress bar on the file input but submit the entire page normally? There is the possibility of multiple files being uploaded into this system. So there will be multiple groups of title, description, and the actual file data. I need the user to be on a new screen after they have submitted the data, and I want to make it backwards compatible for people who don't have javascript enabled if possible.

EDIT: To clarify, by no XHR submission I mean I want to be able to send all 3 pieces of information at the same time if possible. So if I had 3 files I would be sending 9 pieces of data to the server for processing in a normal request.

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You cannot determine upload progress without XHR. –  Ray Nicholus Jun 4 '13 at 20:59
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