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If I declare a global collection as below:

@Matches = new Meteor.Collection "Matches"

How can I find a consistent way to access it in a closure on both the server- and client-sides of Meteor?

For example, the below doesn't work, since @ refers to this (which is not the top-level namespace in the closure)

Meteor.publish("current-matches", ->
  return @Matches.find(round: 0)  # @Matches doesn't work since `this` is something else
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Put your collection definitions in a shared directory so they will be seen by both the client and the server. You can then use them without the @. For example:


@Matches = new Meteor.Collection 'matches'


Meteor.publish 'current-matches', ->
  Matches.find round: 0
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Just a sidenote not to use Match as a name. Match is a defined thing in meteor: docs.meteor.com/#/full/match_test Yeah, I know, you used Matches ... –  pihentagy Jan 27 at 16:28

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