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I'm working on an ASP.NET MVC web page that I would like to have available offline. I created a Cache Manifest file and included it as follows:

<html lang="en" manifest="/cache.manifest" type="text/cache-manifest">

(I included the "type" attribute because of Paul Styles' answer found here.)

The page I'm trying to cache is managed by the OfflineController.cs controller. The cache.manifest file itself reads as:


# rev 5



(I used this syntax for the paths because of ZippyV's answer found here.)

When I change the revision number and reload the page, the console shows:

Document was loaded from Application Cache with manifest https://[...]
Application Cache Checking event
Application Cache Downloading event
Application Cache Progress event (0 of 8) [...]
Application Cache UpdateReady event

This seems to mean that the manifest file was loaded correctly. Furthermore, when I Inspect the page and view Resources > Application Cache > cache.manifest, all 8 files are shown to have been downloaded.

However, when I unplug my Ethernet cable and navigate to ~/offline, the site does not load. Any ideas why? Thanks!

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Was this error ever fixed? I realize that this was asked quite a while ago.

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