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I am trying to get the latitude and longitude values for two different values. These are set in the attributes start and end in my Mileage model.

geocoded_by :end, :latitude  => :latitude, :longitude => :longitude
geocoded_by :start, :latitude  => :start_lat, :longitude => :start_lon

I have the following attributes in my Mileage model:


Depending on which geocoded_by line is at the top of the Mileage model, only one of the attributes is geocoded. Is there a way of making both attributes get processed by the geocoder gem?

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The short answer is no.

But its not hard to roll your own solution. Basically geocoded_by: sets up a simple way to geocode an address lat/long from a callback with a handful of options (lat/long column name, etc).

There's a utility method for looking up the lat/lng of an address:

     => [42.700149, -74.922767]

so you can use the geocoded_by: method to handle the end lat/long in your example and then do something like

before_save :geocode_the_start_address

def geocode_the_start_address
  coords = Geocoder.coordinates(self.start)
  self.start_lat = coords[0]
  self.start_long = coords[1]

Honestly I'd name things more consistently myself -- start_address, end_address, start_lat, start_long, etc. And I'd also use a custom method for geocoding the start and end address instead of geocoded_by so the code is more consistent.

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I agree with John Paul, but I'd do it in an after_save - so, basically, have your Milage model perform geocoding on the start address on creation, then after creation has taken place (e.g. the geocoding has been performed on the start address and you have a valid start address), perform the geocoding on the end address using a separate callback.

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