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Hi I'm new in LWUIT please help me figure this out, I want to make my tabs to stay in tact when I scroll the list within the container that the Tab houses. For example I have a tab on which I add 3 tabcomponent and these components are containers, the first container has different containers in it, the second container has an HTMLComponent and the third one has a list which contains a lot of element more than 100. When I scroll this list the Tabs disappear as the list moves down, so how do i stop this and make only the list scrollable and the Tabs to be always visible like a title?

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form.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
form.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, tabs);

Now when adding a component as a tab make sure it is scrollable.

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Thank you Shai, it works perfectly now. –  Sbonelo Mbhamali Jun 14 '13 at 0:56

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