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I have a table with a series of rows. I want to change them into divs, but maintain (somehow) their positional information. At the moment, this is what I'm doing:

$("./tr[1]") {
$("./tr[2]") {
$("./tr") {

But this isn't ideal because:

  1. It's super-repetitive
  2. I don't know how many rows there are

Is there a way to take the child number and include that in the class I'm assigning?

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Yup, you want to make use of the index() function. Below is the example you wrote reworked using index():

$("./tr") {
  add_class("mw_old_row_" + index())

Below is a link with the following example in tritium tester: http://tester.tritium.io/775895b154e8e2ce99e100967299c10d73dbeb91

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